Mold Making, Casting, and

Finishing Workshop

   By Don Wurst, A/K/A oldworldcaster


This is a two Day Experience that will have you turning pennies into dollars.


In this workshop you will learn how to:


  • Make blanket molds, glove molds, and open-space molds,
  • Make backers, Mother molds, Keeps and shells,
  • Select which materials to use making molds and where to get them,
  • Select which materials to use casting and where to get them,
  • Blend casting materials
  • Determine curing time
  • Infuse artist's pigments into your castings
  • User glazes
  • Use metal leaf and finishes

And so much more!


When you arrive at 10 am in work clothes you will start casting.  You will select 10 items to make and work on which you will take home. You will make wall art; free standing art, jewelry and other specialty items. During the workshop you will do various finishes so that you can perfect your technique.  During the workshop you will make several types of molds and take them home with you.


A workbook will be given to you to take home which will refresh your memory of what you learned.


If your purpose for learning this material is to make money you will be able to produce and sell within a week.  If you are planning to enrich your own art you can the day you get home.


The fee is $250 (usually less than two hours of show sales) and you will want to spend a night in Western N.C.(maybe another $50 or so).  You workshop will be held in my studio in Edneyville, N.C.  The date based on requests.  When you leave at 3 pm the next day you will carry what you made, your workbook, and all the knowledge in your head.


To express an interest or to enroll in this workshop just email me at or call me at 601-334-0599


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