On June 3, 2008 nine people came to the Old World Casting studio in Natchez, MS to learn how to make molds, cast and finish cements, concrete and other medium in just two days.  Wednesday afternoon here is some of what they had to say.

"This was a great class.  I learned more than I thought possible in two days.  From the things I learned I feel I can go home and start casting on my own and do well.  It was money well spent."  E.F.

"Great class.  I learned a lot from Mr. Don.  He was very open about sharing all his trade secrets.  I loved his philosophy of $ & Business." J.M.

"The class was much more info than I expected."  P.K.

"I am very happy with the casting & mold making class.  I feel that Don shared tons of information, sources and techniques.  I would recommend this class to everyone interested in crafts--from painting, ceramics, jewerly making to plaster or cement casting."  C.D.

"Best workshop ever!  I had learned enough by end of first day to be well worth the money.  Can't wait to go home and get started."  K. D.

"...you gave me hnpe for a better future."  J. G.

"very good classes."  E. W.

"I enjoyed your class.  It was well worth the money.  Thank you."  N. M.

"Thank you for your beneficence in sharing with us." J.D.

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