Make your own decorative Art--
the WURST way!

Adult Ed School!!!
Have Fun
Learn something
Save a lot of money

    Several evenings (7pm to 9pm) Old World Casting will be open for a two hour workshop on casting and finishing decorative art for the home and garden hand crafted in cement.

    When you arrive at the workshop you will select at least $40 worth of items you want to work on at less than wholesale price.   We will select the matching molds and get them ready to fill.  After a 20 minute lesson you will go into the casting area and fill the mold. 

    Next you will select the same item already cast by Don and go back to the classroom for a brief lesson on the finishing processes. 

    Finally, you finish and let them dry for a while and then take them home.  What a fun way to save money.

    The workshop will cost $40 for the two hours and you get to select up to $100 worth of items (at retail price) to work with and take home.

Workshops will be available Tue., Wed., and Thursday.  Class size will range from two to six.

    To enroll  email
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